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Personal Service

I am freelance, which means that I can focus on you and your business and always be here for you when you need me. No big agency mentality or costs. Just small, personalised service, focussed on you and your business. 

Tailored, Bespoke and Relevant

I design and tailor my services to what you and your business need. Nothing more, nothing less. I will understand you and your business and will be your partner to drive your business forward.

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Who AM I

Sales & Marketing Specialist

I have a successful background in sales and marketing and a passion for digital marketing and technology. After a successful career leading sales teams, in 2019 I moved into e-commerce and began building websites and providing high quality Customer service to build successful online brands.

I started website design and digital design to share my expertise and knowledge to help businesses wanting to develop and grow online. 


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